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This part of the site is for showcasing the roleplaying game designs that I am working on.
You'll find three rather disparate projects here.

Caverns & Cavaliers is a deliberately retro game based on the original D&D, but with some newer aspects to it. It currently has no monsters or spells, and likely never will. If you own any pre-D20 D&D material, use that to fill in the gaps.
This game is for you if you long for the old school D&D experience, without all the rules gibberish


Iron Sword is a nordic styled sword&sorcery game, likewise based on original D&D, though somewhat looser, and with some interesting ideas.
It is by no means done (in fact at the moment, it is still lacking the "races" and classes) but I wanted to get it out there to look at.
When done, this will be a game about warriors, oaths, love and death

Iron Sword.pdf

The last game, Peregrine, is an indie game around conflict. Whether that conflict is mental, social or physical doesn't matter, they are all resolved using the same, unified mechanic.
Its also a full game in less than 10 pages!
If you like games that encourage narration and storytelling, you might enjoy this


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