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F.A.D. Scifi Skirmish rules
Fast And Dirty rules for Fast And Dirty combat

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What is it all about?

F.A.D. is a skirmish rules set for science fiction and 20th century wargaming. The rules aim to provide a fun, fast and most importantly, realistic game.

Rather than troops charging blindly into gunfire, your men will be affected by suppression and losses. Officers are leaders and commanders, not supermen, and the emphasis of a battle is on men over materials.

During a battle, you will find troops getting pinned down and locked in bloody firefights, while trying to evacuate your casualties or bring up reinforcements to outflank that railgun position!

The game is completely generic and can be used with your existing miniatures and armies. A wide range of traits are provided to let you represent just about any miniatures you may already have in your collection.
The rules assume models to be mounted individually, but can work with any scale where this is practical. Typically this means 15mm and above.

An average game will have about a platoon plus some support on each side. You could play smaller games, as well as far larger though! A good starting army will be a three or four squads of infantry, a character or two and a vehicle or two

The rules, as they stand now, cover infantry, artillery weapons, vehicles as well as peripheral scifi stuff like powered armour, drop troops and lots of other nonsense.
They will work for most 20th century and beyond games, with the emphasis being on modern day and near future warfare


My email address is if you wish to reach me with feedback, opinions or if you are willing to contribute to this project.

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So what makes FAD different?
A lot of people tend to dismiss free rules sets. They are often incomplete, poorly edited (if at all), have no artwork and are impossible to decipher.
But FAD changes that game altogether. FAD4 is well edited, has original artwork and is a complete package. In fact, we are willing to make the claim that it is the most comprehensive science fiction miniatures game on the market today.
A few of its features:

Play is divided into core "basic" rules for easy play, and a large number of advanced rules to add additional detail
Integrated vehicles rules.
Campaign rules
Scenario generation, that covers pre-battle recon and scouting.
Extensive list of traits to customize forces and build exactly the units you wish.
Fast, random force generation.
Innovative priority system for force creation.
Comprehensive points system

Best of all, the entire 71 page book is absolutely free. Not a "shareware" or "test" version, but the full, complete version of the rules.

New stuff!
These are the core rules files for the game

FAD Rules v40.pdf

And new reference sheets!

REFTAB v40.pdf

WEPTAB v40.pdf

VEHTAB v40.pdf

We also have some exciting new supplements: Uncontrolled forces for automating a force's actions. Ideal for solo and same-side games, as well as allied forces.

And a campaign taking advantage of those rules, letting you follow humanity's finest marines as they battle alien subversives and terrors. "Boundless Wars, Infinite Stars"



New stuff to try out
As something particularly unique, here's a very early draft of rules to play horse&musket era battles with FAD.
Only infantry so far, but its playable on its own

Most Irregular.pdf

If you have been looking for new toys to play with, the tech manual is for you. This version of the file now includes points costs, though they are still somewhat provisional.

tech manual.pdf

You can also play around with the first draft of Cyberia, a setting for FAD4, complete with army lists. This is still a work in progress, but each faction has a couple of units to pick from, as well as a transport vehicle. More to come!


Lastly, we have supplement 1. This is really just a compilation of various options, clarifications and add-ons for FAD4, including a few items way back from the 2nd edition. Enjoy!

supplement 1.pdf

I have also uploaded a "state of affairs", which explains a bit of the history as well as my musings on where to go from here, as of November 2009. Follow the link at the top of the screen

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